Logistics Services


  • In order to provide full logistics solution for all customers, our company provides you warehousing service. We guarantee that all of your products will be secure under our control.


  • We offer repacking service on your behalf to generate more efficient storing, shipping, or consolidation with the goal to improve service quality by increasing flexibility and reduce your costs.

Transformational Cross Docking

  • This is our special service where shipments from multiple sources are received, break down, and rearrange for one for multiple outbound shipments to one or more customers based on your specified order.

Merge in Transit

  • This is another type of our special service. Goods belong to a customer from multiple sources for one single order are sent to a central location. Those goods will be consolidated for an outbound shipment to the end customer based on your requirements. We also provide warehousing service in the case that some of the products are not coming in at the same time.

Distribution Services

  • We are willing to serve you with physical transportation activities associated with your finished goods inventory out of one of our facilities. Multiple modes of transportation would be leveraged either through Multi Air Services network or well qualified third party transportation providers.